• I have been long debating whether focusing on improving my weaknesses or honing my strength is the faster way to success?

    By AndrewL 2 Comments   August 22, 2019


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    By Charlesnolan October 17, 2019


    There is no correct answer, but from years of personal experience, I concluded that it is better to play to my strengths. I have numerous examples where playing to my strengths and tolerating my weaknesses helped me grow and thrive. Growing up in China, the National College Entrance Test is a critical exam for students to get placed in the best universities. The year I took it, the first exam was Chinese literature, I allocated the time poorly and didn’t get to finish the essay. Afterwards, I was devastated and wanted to give up on all the other exams that year. However, my mom said to me, “You aren’t good at Chinese, it isn’t your strength, so this section won’t raise your overall score. You just need to do a good job at English and Math, which you can do since those are your strengths.” Also, she reminded me that this exam only happens once a year, so I absolutely should not waste this year’s chance. I have been working hard for the past three years for this moment. I carried this strong and positive mindset and finished all of the other exams. It was the best decision I ever made: the score was much better than I imagined and I was successfully admitted to a tier 1 university I applied to.

    In life, it is not practical to be the best at everything so what you should do, is focus on what you are good at and less about what you cannot do. The famous saying from Bruce Lee summarizes and epitomizes the advantages of playing to your strength: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
    By Jing August 22, 2019
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