• Essential and money-saving tips for someone travelling for leisure?

    By Jing 1 Comment   August 21, 2019


    First and foremost, flights are more expensive on Fridays and weekends so look towards booking tickets in the early part of the week. Stick with the lowest flight option, Economy or Economy Plus because the difference in cost is not worth it. Sometimes it can be cheaper if you book two one-way tickets rather than a round trip one, and in some other times round trip is cheaper than one way. Remember to notify your credit card company before your international travel so it does not lock your card by accident. Bring some cash (either USD or your local currency) so you don’t need to pay unnecessary ATM fees. If possible, do not do money exchange at the airport since the rates are noticeably worse compared to neighboring areas. If you plan to tour out of city or rural areas, it is the most efficient and cost-effective to rent a car; in cities or modern locations, local transportation can also be a great option. Whenever a flight is delayed significantly or cancelled, you are usually entitled to compensation via travel vouchers and also hotel accommodation for the night. Finally, try not to stand out as a tourist because otherwise the locals will take advantage of you!
    By Jing August 21, 2019
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